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Office of Strategy Management Manager

Location: Honolulu
Posted on: November 25, 2022

Job Description:


The Office of Strategy Management Manager oversees the Strategy Management Program within the Office of Strategy Management, including: OHA's Strategy Formation function, which focuses on strategic environmental assessments on the conditions of Native Hawaiians (--ohana, mo--omeheu, ----ina, education, health, housing, economics) and OHA tactical development and planning; OHA's Strategy Implementation function, which focuses on alignment of OHA activities to OHA strategy, development of external collaborations, development of internal policies, processes, and reporting, and coordination of OHA project and portfolio management (PPM) activities; and OHA's Evaluation function, which focuses on process and impact evaluation.


1. Program Direction

a. Ensures that Program activities are aligned with OHA's strategic framework and directives of the Director, Office of Strategy Management ("Director'') and the Chief Operating Officer ("COO"), Chief Executive Officer ("CEO").

b. Communicates with the Director regarding internal and external issues, trends, and ongoing professional observations which may bear on strategic and operational decision making.

2. Operations

a. Ensures work performed by Program is aligned to organizational priorities. Monitors and manages expenditures within budget allocations. Prepares and submits performance reports.

b. Advocates, describes, and explains OHA's strategic framework and advocacy positions in communications with staff, contractors, grantees, or the public.

c. Develops policies, processes, procedures, guidelines, standards, templates and tools related to the Strategy Management Program.

3. Strategy Formation Function

a. Oversight of strategic environmental assessments and reviews of current research on issues relating to the conditions of Native Hawaiians (--ohana, mo--omeheu, ----ina, education, health, housing, economics), including needs and strengths, to inform implementation of OHA strategies.

b. Recommends changes to implementation of OHA strategies and tactics, based on findings.

4. Strategy Implementation Function

a. Coordinates planning activities to support the alignment of OHA tactics, initiatives, and activities to OHA's Strategic Plan.

b. Advises on, and facilitates, internal OHA policy, process, and procedure development with directors, managers, staff, and General Counsel.

c. Conducts OHA internal systems, policy, process, or procedure reviews as scheduled or by request from the Director, CEO and/or COO.

d. Develops, maintains, and continually improves OHA's Project Management and Portfolio Management policies, processes, and procedures.

e. Coordinates a team to train OHA directors, managers, and staff on the implementation of OHA's Project Management and Portfolio Management policies, processes, and procedures.

f. Coordinates OHA enterprise-level portfolio reporting, including communicating with directors and managers on progress and performance, reporting to the Director, and advising on necessary changes to the OHA enterprise-level portfolio.

g. Provides or assists in procurement of consultation services to resolve organizational issues contributing to poor project or portfolio performance and/or lack of accurate, reliable, and valid performance data and performance reporting practices.

5. Process Evaluation Function and Responsibilities

a. Oversight of OHA's process evaluation projects in collaboration with the Strategy Management Analysts, the Director, and all divisions and programs of OHA; develops, coordinates, and monitors related evaluation contracts and deliverables as needed.

b. Leads identifying and reporting on pivot points or areas of opportunity for internal process change for maximum impact.

6. Impact Evaluation Function and Responsibilities

a. Oversight of OHA's impact evaluation projects in collaboration with the Director and all divisions and programs of OHA, to evaluate the impact of OHA tactics, initiatives, and activities on the conditions of Native Hawaiians; develops, coordinates, and monitors related evaluation contracts and deliverables as needed.

b. Leads design, development and management of the OHA's database to track tactical, initiative, and activity outputs and outcomes data to ensure a continuous flow of quality data from divisions and programs to the Office of Strategy Management.

c. Oversight of OHA evaluation data collection procedures and tools; qualitative, quantitative, and statistical data analysis; and reporting to evaluate the impact of OHA tactics, initiatives, and activities on the conditions of Native Hawaiians

d. Recommends pivot points or areas of opportunity for tactical change to maximize strategic impact.

e. Responsible for written reports and presentations on OHA evaluation findings and related recommendations

7. Management

a. Makes hiring and other personnel recommendations for the Program to the Director.

b. Ensures that employees within the Program share information and insights, use collaboration as needed to explore issues and/or solve problems, and demonstrate shared responsibility for Program performance. Takes whatever actions are required to positively replace behaviors and/or persons when necessary.

c. Ensures and engages in employee performance planning, feedback, and performance evaluations at scheduled intervals. Engages in professional development, staff training, ongoing coaching and performance improvement planning to close employee performance gaps.

d. Ensures without exception the proper handling and maintenance of confidential, sensitive and/or proprietary information.

e. Performs supervisory tasks, such as leave time approvals, performance reviews, coaching, training, and related employment decisions for the Program. Disseminates needed information to staff in a timely manner.

f. Performs job duties in accordance with OHA's policies and procedures. Considers OHA's mission and core values when making decisions.

8. Fully supports in action, language, behavior and performance the priorities, decisions, and directives of the Director, COO, and the CEO.

9. Regular attendance on a daily basis is required for this position.


Performs other duties as assigned by the Director.


Education, Training and/or Experience

1. Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in evaluation, public policy, Hawaiian studies, social science, political science, law, economics, business or a related field.

2. Seven (7) years of responsible professional work experience which involved utilization of quantitative and qualitative analysis or institutional research concepts and methods to conduct evaluations of on-going programs and internal processes to understand the systems involved. The experience must have demonstrated skill, knowledge, and technical competence in the collection, analysis, assessment, interpretation and reporting of institutional data and information.
* A Master's degree in evaluation, public policy, Hawaiian studies, social science, political science, law, economics, business or a related field may be substituted for two years of professional work experience

3. Three (3) years of administrative experience that involved management of professional staff engaged in evaluation or analytical work; the ability to develop solutions to complex and unprecedented situations; the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with others and major responsibility for the development, management, execution and coordination of program policies and activities.

4. Three (3) years of administrative experience that involved managing projects and portfolios from concept to completion.

5. The education and experience background must also demonstrate the ability to write clear and comprehensive reports and other documents; read and interpret complex written material; and solve complex problems logically and systematically. The education, experience and ability to work with university and research/evaluation profession caliber personnel and student interns to apply research and evaluation professional methodologies and produce related reports.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1. Must have working knowledge of:
* Evaluation principles, practices, and techniques

* Effective report writing

* Governmental agencies and/ or Hawaiian-based community development organizations and practices

* Development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of organization or institutional-level policies, processes, and procedures

* Organizational development issues

* Principles and practices of institutional research and evaluation methods

* Project Management

* Portfolio Management

* Hawaiian culture, history, and current events

2. Must have general knowledge of:
* Human resources management

* Office management

3. Must have demonstrated skills or ability to:
* Written and oral communication, presentations, and training

* Build and participate in a collaborative, team environment and leading and managing change

* Conduct evaluate and report results to high-level audiences

* Research and analyze policies, processes, procedures, and practices and to develop solutions for identified problems.

* Facilitate internal problem/issue discussion groups related to systems, processes, procedures and practices

* Must be able to evaluate performance of projects, portfolios, and assigned staff

* Develop and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, external agencies and their representatives and with the general public

* Lead and implement data-informed decision-making practices in difficult or complicated situations

* Prioritize business objectives and provide discipline to the implementation and reporting processes

* Set goals and achieve desired results, and a demonstrated ability to impart a results-oriented approach to others in the organization

* Facilitate collaboration among subordinates and to work collaboratively with other managers

* Communicate effectively (in writing and orally) with upper management, peers, subordinates, consultants and the public

* Inspire confidence and to develop others' skills and abilities

* Function effectively in a team environment

* Prepare clear and concise written and oral reports and proposals

* Must be able to maintain confidentiality with all assignments and tasks

* Must be able to knowledgeably explain each of OHA's strategic results and the related issues and barriers, and to define and refine Program objectives accordingly

How To Apply

To apply for this position, visit our company jobs website at www.oha.org/jobs. Download, complete and submit the fillable OHA application form along with a resume and cover letter via email

Or via mail to:

560 N. Nimitz Highway, Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96817
Attention: Human Resources

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) employees must be permanent Hawaii residents. Out-of-state applicants who are offered employment with OHA will need to relocate to Hawaii and establish permanent residency.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Type: Full-time

* Dental insurance
* Employee assistance program
* Flexible schedule
* Flexible spending account
* Health insurance
* Life insurance
* Paid time off
* Parental leave
* Retirement plan
* Vision insurance
* 8 hour shift

Work Location: One location%58047475%

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